Atmos Clock Bellow Refill

In house Atmos Clock Bellow Refill

Atmos Clock Bellow Refill

The Atmos Clock is powered by this bellow unit picture above, which is constantly expanding and contracting and winding your clock. This sealed unit contains a gas that is sensitive to 1-2 degree F temperature variation.

Over time the Atmos Clock Bellow will let go of it’s seal. Send the Atmos bellows to us in the mail for testing, repair and refill. Sometimes they are not reparable but most of them are.

It is advised to never allow your Atmos Clock Bellow to expand at air temperature without a counter spring or the set of bands around it. This can cause the flexion points of the bellow to over expand and crack. When they crack, in this side flexion region, often they are not repairable. 

Flat Atmos Clock Bellow ready for refill

The cost of the refill is $150 NOW $100 !! and $15 for U.S. Shipping.

Please contact us if you are international and we can provide the shipping quote. We will invoice you after the bellow is repaired. If you are shipping the bellow unit without the clock for service, you may either take it out of the drum and cover of the Atmos Clock, or you can leave it in and send together.

Mail Atmos Clock Bellows to : Curt’s Clocks P.O. Box 11715 Saint Paul MN 55111

Please include a business card or your personal information including: name, caliber clock, email, and shipping address and we accept personal checks for payment. If you include your check for $115 with the bellow, we will only cash it after successfully repairing/refilling your bellow.  

Atmos Clock Bellow Refill come with 1 year guarantee but we would expect them to hold for decades and possibly even more than that. Please allow a few weeks for us to test, repair, and refill your bellows. 

Here is a copy of the instructions included with refilled bellow upon returning home. Click on the link and it will begin download, if it doesn’t open immediately look in your downloads folder. 

(Click Here to Download)Bellow Refill Tag


Michael T. Holman 612.244.4557


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2 comments on “Atmos Clock Bellow Refill
  1. Andrew slade says:

    I have a bellow that has slowly gotten less sensitive to temp variations and now does not wind the clock. Are you still regarding them?

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