We Specialize in Atmos Clock Repair

 Atmos Clock Repair – The Overhaul:

Atmos Clock Repair Specialist

Atmos Clock Repair Specialist

Every Atmos Clock we sell or service comes with complete ultrasonic cleaning, oiling, and bellow inspection and more. We measure the expansion and contraction of the bellows under a varied temperature test. If the unit is no longer expanding and contracting properly it will be flat and need our in house refill. Click Here to Learn About the Path That Each Atmos Travels at Our Workshop and The Backstory of Curt’s Clocks. 

We have built a great reputation out of many years of high quality service and sale of our Atmos Clocks. Curtis Holman graduated from watchmaking school in 1978 and his son Michael Holman created the website naming it after his father and has serviced over 100 Atmos since 2013.

Authorized independent watchmaker account with Richemont North America for authentic original Jaeger LeCoultre clock parts.

Many of these vintage clocks merely need a mainspring overhaul (pulling the mainspring out, cleaning it, and application of fresh watch oil) because the oil has dried up over the years. Note: Do not attempt to oil the an Atmos Clock externally.

A running clock will typically double the price value of the clock. One Year Guarantee on all work and parts.

Atmos Clock Overhaul: Clean movement, Oil, Bellow test, Light case polish, Clean Glass, Put clock in beat, Poise pallet fork, and other adjustments : $350 – Takes a couple months to return home. This is the attention that the majority of Atmos will require to run again. I start with this process and if the clock will not keep time, we know that it needs a new suspension wire.

Bellow Refill: $100 (Click here for more information about Atmos Clock Bellow Refill)

Bellow Replacement: $300

Chain Soldering: $35 – Fine Solder application to repair broken chain.

Suspension Wire: $200 – Could take several of months to return home. Timekeeping is the importance to observe and adjust properly. The owner can see that the wire is broken by unlocking the balance. This is a great price for a tedious repair. 

Dial Restoration: $160 in Deep Blue Metal-Flake Lapis, White, Silver, and more. All Come with LeCoultre under the 12 and Swiss under the 6. 

Case Restoration: $650 for Brass and $999 for 24 kt Gold. . Please take a Look at some of my work on the workshop blog: 526-5 Case Restoration Click Here.

Black Marble Atmos Clock Base W/ Dedication Plate: $150 with this the clock becomes the home’s centerpiece. Also a great way to dedicate an Atmos Clock to anyone!

Please Include our Services Requested Form. Click on link to download the PDF.

Services Requested Form

Please download and fill out our services requested form and include it with the Atmos 

“To Provide expert repair service, at low cost, to maintain the value of precious family heirlooms” is our business objective. Low overhead and mail order service provide the accessibility of expert service at reduced cost. Click here to learn the path each clock we receive at our workshop goes through before it returns home.

Ship Atmos clocks to us for repair from anywhere in the world: Click Here for Shipping Instructions

Jaeger-LeCoultre Atmos Perpetual Motion Clock Lives on Air. Invented in 1928 by Swiss Jean-Leon Reutter and Jaeger-LeCoultre. For the past 50 years it has been the official gift of the Swiss Confederation.

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Michael Holman Curt's Clocks Atmos Clock Repair Specialist

Michael Holman Curt’s Clocks Atmos Clock Repair Specialist


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