Invest in an American start up – small business to help spread the word about the amazing Atmos Clock by Jaeger-LeCoultre.  If any of our free information has helped you to make use out of an Atmos Clock, please consider pitching us a few dollars. Curt’s Clocks – The Atmos Repair Specialist has grown steadily over it’s 3 years since creation. It has tremendous potential to be the #1 location for everything Atmos.  


Donate to our scientific study of time: Horology. Patience is a virtue. Often the pace of modern life gets us into thinking in terms of instant gratification. However, Time neither speeds up nor slows down for anyone. Take your time to smell the roses. Feel the moment as if you were a Zen Master. Artisan craftsmanship is much like art, and art cannot be rushed. Neither can time.

Ask a person what is their most valuable resource? Often people respond with savings or property etc. But the truth is time is your most valuable resource because when your time runs out, you cannot take any of those properties where you are going. Time comes before all assets and the amazing gift of time was free to you and me.

Donate to our cause of continuing the tradition of respecting time and its portrayal in our precious family heirlooms. The gifts that were meaningful. We are giving our time and dedicating our lives to making sure these amazing time pieces will continue to participate in your family heritage and keep time with you. 

Help us out with any donation you are able to provide. We are very grateful for you and your time.

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Invest in us! Help the American small business in a time where more business are going out than coming into organization.