Fine Art to Protect Wealth

“Over The Centuries it’s The Hard Assets That Retain Value Through Collapse and Catastrophe.” – Jim Rickards a hedge fund manager and author of Currency Wars: The Making of The Next Global Crisis

Fine art, raw land, precious metals, jewels and jewelry. These are all hard (meaning physical) assets that have historically proven to be great protectors of financial wealth. A great portfolio, is a diverse portfolio. We are going to focus on the Atmos Clock by Jaeger LeCoultre, as a hard asset stationed firmly within the fine art category. 

As we continue to push forward into the beginnings of the 21st century,  we face worldwide geopolitical turmoil, global financial instability, and market uncertainty. Most of the governments today are circulating fiat currencies, which mean that the money they issue are not directly linked or backed by a tangible commodity.

In the U.S.A, our dollar is somewhat tied to the price of petroleum, and this is called the Petrodollar. With the U.S. Dollar, we also have the position of the world reserve currency, which means that our dollar is the International currency of trade and transactions worldwide. Many nations and rising markets in Asia as well as established global players like China, and Russia, would prefer for the U.S. Dollar to lose this world reserve currency status because since nations have to exchange their currencies into Dollars to conduct international trade, it means that the U.S.A is able to export their debt, increase money supply, and also prop up the demand and thus value of the dollar. 

Without getting too deep into the complexities of money and monetary policy here, one thing is certain, which is that we are in a new and changing world. However, it is not a new phenomena that currencies have risen and fallen throughout history. No fiat currency will last forever, many have been created throughout history and those same many have disappeared. If you are interested in the market analysis and commentary behind these findings we encourage you to check out the material below. 

Jim Rickards, a well respected financial consultant who has worked on Wall Street for over 35 years, and currently consults public and private clients in finance and economics, currency and markets, recommends the hard assets of fine art, precious metals, and land during turbulent times. The reason these hard assets are preferable to stocks, bonds, 401k’s, pensions, etc. is because “if you cannot hold it in your hand, you don’t own it.” All of these “paper” financial instruments are at the risk of the currency and it’s manipulations (i.e. money printing) or even worse, confiscation during large debt and obligation restructuring periods. With a stock market collapse, a housing bubble bursting, or debt bubble bursting, many people risk losing their entire wealth if they are not diversified and collecting the hard assets of fine art, precious metals, or land. 

Jim Rickards authored the New York Time Bestsellers: Currency Wars: The Making of The Next Global Crises, Published 2011, The Death of Money: The Coming Collapse of The International Monetary System, Published 2014, and The New Case For Gold, published 2016, and his latest book: The Road to Ruin.

For further reading from Jim Rickards click below on the article titled “The Three Ways “Old Money” Holds Onto it’s Riches” stating that “Over The Centuries it’s The Hard Assets That Retain Value Through Collapse and Catastrophe.”

Jim Rickards in his recent interview on the X22 Report Spotlight breaks down the volatility in the financial markets that is often not reported within the mainstream media. We are constantly lead to believe that the 2008 economic recovery is nearly over but the market indicators signal another story. 

Now let focus on the Atmos Clock by Jaeger LeCoultre and why it is a great collectible, fine art, hard asset that you can use to decorate your house or business, as well as hold a small portion of your wealth. These clocks not only look beautiful like other fine art, but serve a function of telling you the time, making them even more special and useful. They wind themselves and are powered by temperature change and run silently for decades without service. For more about this  please read our articleWhat is an Atmos Clock and Why are They Special?

Atmos Clocks were manufactured with precision and with high quality material which makes them exquisite for home or business decor. Items simply are not made with this quality today and this separates these clocks from cheap battery operated models. Not only is this Swiss timepiece practical, but it is decorative, collectible and because it is the the closest invention to pure perpetual motion, it is simply an awe inspiring invention. Guests at home or office will certainly gravitate towards this clock.

These clocks are still produced by Jaeger LeCoultre today, however in more limited quantities and higher costs than previously. This means that there are a limited supply of Atmos Clocks within the U.S. today, which have already entered the market. Over the passed 65 years some of them have been damaged, and some are not in functioning condition, so the clocks that are in great shape and functioning command a premium and again we return to the old adage that what is limited in supply, is typically more valuable.

The production of these for service awards started in the 1950’s and tapered off in the mid 1990’s. The clocks were given for 25 year service awards and that alone creates great value surrounding the clock because of the great portion of one’s life that was honored with the presentation of this gift. Often the heirs of the relative’s estates inherit the clocks remembering their cherished loved one. Today in 2017 the Atmos Clock is still highly collectible and sought after having weathered many boom and bust business cycles withstanding the test of time.

Some of the clocks are gold plated, which adds another aspect of value to the item. For instance, when we sold a 24kt Gold Atmos 526 in 2015 for $2,999, that was double the market price for the same model clock in brass. An Atmos Clock owner hiring us to gold plate their clock at $999, is immediately doubling the value of the clock.

The Atmos Clock are known as avant garde, which means that they will always be in style. So in conclusion, when it comes to the hard asset category of fine art, the Atmos Clock sits comfortably in position and will continue to do so perpetually passing from generation, to generation, as the balance quietly rotates. 

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