Rue De La Paix Lamp Post Clock Repair

lamp post clock repair


Send your antique Jaeger-LeCoultre Swiss made Rue De La Paix Lamp Post Clock repair.

Authorized independent watchmaker account with Richmont North America for authentic original Jaeger LeCoultre clock parts.

Overhaul: $350  $300!

Experienced repair of the the base and movement. Comes with 1 year guarantee on workmanship.

We have an Assortment of new 0ld stock parts on hand. Original manufacturer from the Swiss mountains.

Watch this video for a tip on How to Prevent Wobble on Your Lamp Post Clock


The Swiss created one of the singularly most elegant forms of art in their Rue De La Paix Lamp Post 8-day Street Light Clock. This Lamp Post Clock is an Art Deco Classic with its unique design and shape. The structure of this Lamp Post illuminates the room, with its exquisite detail in the Street Light design along with its Rue De La Paix Street sign. Each component in this Rue De La Paix Lamp Post Clock is extremely vital to its time keeping, perpetually moving time forward.

The Jaeger-LeCoultre Lamp Post Clock has two flattering Swiss style hands, moving with the tick of each minute, pointing to the bold black Roman numeral numbers, telling time in extreme precision. The Street Light Clocks face is a cream color, emphasizing the bold black Roman numerals. 

This beautifully and brilliantly designed piece is an exquisite luxury item perfect for any home or business office. With its vintage and antique design it is a piece of art that will provide exceptional timekeeping as well as looking elegant on a mantle or wooden desk. This design is one of the most sought after clock designs in the United States and is in high demand. It has with stood the footprints of time and will continue to do so for years to come.

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Movement 229 rue de la paix. Jaeger LeCoultre Lamp Post Clock Repair

Movement 229 rue de la paix. Jaeger LeCoultre Lamp Post Clock Repair



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