Shipping Atmos Clock – Tips Guideline Step-by-Step

Shipping Atmos Clock Tips Guideline Step-by-Step

We have had success  safely  Shipping Atmos Clock from Minneapolis Minnesota USA to Macao China. Every Atmos we sell comes with Clock Set-Up instructions and we have great resources and videos on our YouTube Channel Curt’s Clocks.

This is the retailer’s method of shipment. You can safely send your Atmos Clock anywhere with these tips:

Lock Balance (Pendulum)-

This is done with the lever at the base of the Atmos Clock. Move it all the way over to the right side of the base feet to lock the balance. If the clock is running, it is a good idea to wait until the end of the balance rotation to lock it. That way it will start itself again once unlocking the lever.

Bubble Wrap Clock-

Set the clock on the table and make a few wraps around the case horizontally. Cut off two doubled-up pieces of bubble wrap for the top and bottom covers. Put these and the Atmos Clock in a snug fitting box(10x10x10), and use wadded paper if necessary to snug tighter.

Double Box-

Place your sealed package into a slightly larger box(12x12x12). Use any of these: wadded paper,  foam, bubble-wrap, packing materials to surround the snug fitting box inside the outer box.

Atmos Clock Shipping Weights (calculation based on use of this technique and may vary):

540 – 11lbs 8.2 oz

528 6 – 12lbs 14.2 oz

528 8 – 12lbs 3.6 oz

526 5 – 10lbs 7.6 oz

519 – 14lbs

Insure Package-

The insurance is always a reminder to the courier to have extra care with this package. It is always a good idea to insure when Shipping Atmos Clock because of the high antique and personal value of these pieces. Usually insurance up to $800 will be enough to cover the package, even though the clock is worth much more. This price can purchase original factory glass or parts that would most likely to be damaged. 

Signature Confirmation-

This is a good idea to include because it confirms the receipt of the Atmos Clock into safe hands. The courier cannot leave it on the doorstep, and this safeguards the transaction.

Please Print and Include this Services Request Form with your Atmos Clock: Services Requested Form

Services Requested Form(Click Here to Download)

Please download and fill out our services requested form

Additionally, would you please email me with a reminder that you have shipped the clock and include any tracking information as well. This gives me an idea of when to expect the clock. Thank you.

******If you are ever the recipient of a package, in any regard, that appears to have had a difficult ride through the mail system, make mention of the apparent damages to the outer box to the postal worker at the time they hand the package over to you at the door. They will create a note on the electronic tracking system that the package endured some traumas and it will make your insurance claim process move much more smoothly. After making mention of the beat up box, photograph the box before opening, highlighting the damaged portions. As you open the box, take a photo at each stage of opening, so for example the next photos would be of the inner box condition, and then photos of the clock itself, as it is inside the box. This is evidence that the package was mishandled. Although following this shipping technique for Atmos Clocks will almost gaurantee the clock will make it to you safely, still things can happen. This is good information for you to know for future shipping or receiving of anything. After shipping hundreds of Atmos Clocks with this refined technique, the most we have had to claim on insurance is a broken front panel on a 528.*******

Ship to

Michael Holman

Curt’s Clocks

P.O. Box 11715

St. Paul MN, 55111

Call Us 612.244.4557


Shipping Atmos Clock Tips Guideline Step-by-Step

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