How to Start Atmos Clock

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Parts identification:


Balance tube

Impulse Roller

Pallet fork

Lower bridge

Stop collar

Leveling screws


Unlock the lever at base if it isn’t already.

I am going to teach you how to level clock without using the spirit level. We are going to look at the balance, which is the true level that matters. Think of it just like a plumb bob or hanging a washer on a string.

Follow balance tube down and see where stop collar passes through the hole in lower bridge to see if it is level by looking for a gap in the hole. Collar should cover the hole.

If not, then level it with leveling screws in the front


Set the time. Only moving clockwise

Look under the 12 on the dial and spot where the roller is resting on fork

Turn balance that direction

Move the roller 270 degrees and let go

Carefully slide the lid back over the clock

You would rather err on the bellow drum than snap the minute hand off and break center-wheel

The balance will naturally loose motion as it comes under the power of the mainspring

When you spin balance it is under your kinetic energy

You will not know if the clock is going to run or keep time for quite a few hours. And it is best to allow it to run a week at least to categorize it as a running clock

If clock stops repeat steps how to start atmos clock and if it will not continue to run for you, give us a call or email and we can take care of that for you!

The video below describes how to regulate your Atmos Clock.

Atmos Clock Set-Up Instructions

What is an Atmos Clock?

Atmos Clock Repair

Shipping Instructions

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