Workshop Blog – 1950 Kundo 400 Day Restoration

Kundo Before Restoration

Kundo 400 Day Before Restoration

This Kundo 400 Day Clock came to our workshop in need of movement service as well as case restoration. This is the type of restoration that gives me the most enjoyment because the clock will look like a totally different piece when it is finished. The Kundo 400 Day Clock will go from being unusable for home or office decor, to a beautiful antique that the owner will be proud to display. 

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The clock had wipe marks on the brass base, which indicates to me that it was probably wiped with a rag containing an alcohol based cleaning. This is a common error that people commit when attempting to dust and clean their clocks. The trouble is that the alcohol based cleaner removes the protective clear coat lacquer from the brass and brass is highly reactive metal to salt, oil, moisture, and even oxygen. This Kundo 400 Day came from Florida, where all of the ingredients are present to oxidize the brass. 

The first step in my restoration process will be to strip the brass from the oxidization. I do this 100% by hand to preserve the antique quality of the clock. After the brass has been stripped, I will reapply a clear coat gloss lacquer finish to preserve the beautiful brass. Whenever the clock needs to be dusted or cleaned, it is imperative do only wipe it with a damp rag containing no cleaning solutions. 

Kundo 400 day After

Kundo 400 day After

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After finishing up the resurrection of the brass, I serviced the movement with clean, oil, and grease for the mainspring. The Kundo 400 Day is back in it’s glory and I am very proud of the way it turned out. I really enjoy starting with a clock in worse cosmetic condition of case because when it is finished it provides a very compelling contrast. 

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