Workshop Blog – Atmos Clock 528 Gold Plate

Atmos Clock 528-8 Case Restoration


Atmos Clock Case Restoration

Workshop Blog – Atmos Clock Case Restoration Before Photos

Case Restoration and 24kt Gold Plate

Before Photos – Click on any image to enlarge photo viewer

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This Atmos Clock arrived to our workshop with thorough case oxidation. We do not mind to start with an clock in this condition because it will make for a great before and after comparison. The conditioning of the case decays when the clear coat lacquer finish breaks down. This coating protects the brass from moisture, salt, oil and other elements that oxidize brass quickly.

We have photographed and highlighted a few areas of this clock that have discoloration. The tab on the front panel has come loose. It is easy to reattach with super glue but first we must take out and clean all glass.

The process of this Atmos Clock 528 restoration begins with stripping the brass and polishing by hand before gold bath plating. Finally we finish with our own clear coat lacquer finish to protect the condition of this Atmos Clock for years to come.

Stripped and Polished Brass

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These photos are of the Atmos Clock after the clear lacquer and years of oxidation have been stripped and polished. When plating metal, the majority of the work takes place in the metal preparation. The Gold Plate only covers .02 microns, it largely is a chemical reaction occurring at the metal surface.  So, it will not improve the metal in anyway. For instance the imperfections and deep scratches will not be filled in by electroplating. This being said, a lot of elbow grease is put into the preparation of the metal to take the plating well. This client has elected to go with the 24-KT Gold Plate. 

Also included in this collage is the old bellow drum that had multiple large fissions in it. I decide to simply replace this part because it doesn’t make sense to refinish something that is already shot. Now the next steps will be to plate the brass in Gold and then clear coat it to protect the finish. Once I have the case finished, I will be servicing the movement. 

Gold Plated Case

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Happy New Year. I have attached some photos of the Atmos Project. I am purposefully taking pictures that are somewhat revealing to leave surprise for you when the clock all put back together and finished. These photos are intended to get you excited and to show you the progress of the project.
The case restoration is nearly complete. I am putting on the clear coat lacquer protection coat on the 24kt Gold Plated Case Parts now. Then it will just be servicing the movement of the clock which likely will just need the overhaul without anything extra. The bellows are good.
Complete Clock Gold Plated and Clear Coat 1.25.17
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We have the clock all put back together and the movement serviced. The clock ran somewhat before the restoration. It was running slow and since we have it we perform the standard overhaul. Everything was in good shape and now just some minor time regulation is necessary before sending this back home to a happy owner. We are happy with the way this project turned out. 
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